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Nicolas Fouché
Nicolas Fouché

I’m a French senior developer, CTO at Onfocus, former CTO at WebPerf IO, and former CTO at Silentale.

I can make myself available for freelance hire. If you’re interested in some help on your product, send me an email and we’ll chat. If you want referrals I’d be happy to shoot you some people to contact.

You can find me on Twitter, GitHub, and LinkedIn.


I’m building the Onfocus advertising optimization platform, used by European media websites.

As a co-founder and CTO, I built and operated the WebPerf IO analytics platform, measuring billions of web performance events per month. It’s used by major French media and e-commerce websites, like Le Figaro, L’Express, Le Parisien, L’Équipe, or PriceMinister.

I built the former Silentale platform, providing painless archiving and search of social and email conversations, used by tens of thousands of people around the globe.

Before that, I worked at various companies in France and Canada after graduating from the Conservatoire National des Arts et Métiers.


Ouch. Too long to list after 15 years working on so many projects.

These days, I build scalable and resilient stream processing platforms with Kafka Streams, Apache Spark and Google Cloud products, with data stored in Aerospike, MemSQL, Cassandra, Kafka, and MongoDB. I design, code, deploy and operate these platforms on bare-metal, Scalway, AWS and Azure.

Some of these platforms provide machine learning features, powered by H2O or Tensorflow.

I am also the author of several web applications powered by Ruby on Rails, Node.js and Lua/OpenResty backend, all served by nginx. On the frontend side, they use plain JS, React or AngularJS.

I also know a few things about web performance, web security, the DevOps culture, search engines, code quality and efficiency, and coding on electronic boards.

My open-source libraries were downloaded more than 750,000 times.


I did a talk for MongoFR 2011 in Paris, and a few other ones during various events at La Cantine between 2009 and 2011.

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